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Product name:Plastic sheet machine
Product description:

We adopt advanced international technology and make considerable innovations on design,manufacturing and accessories for HPC single layer oblique series plastic sheet extruder.The machine is mainly used to produce plastic sheet of PP,PS.Then the sheet can be taken to produce such as disposable cups,jelly cups,plastic packing containers,file and so on.




Main technical specifications:

型号 Model HPC-800(φ105) HPC-800(φ110) HPC-900(φ120)
模对宽度 Width Of Die Head 800MM 800MM 900MM
适用原料 Material PP.PS PP.PS PP.PS
片材宽度 Width Of Sheet 730MM 730MM 800MM
三辊尺寸 Three Roller Size Φ316MM*800MM*3 Φ420MM*800MM*3 Φ420MM*900MM*3
斜式 oblique
片材厚度 Thickness Of Sheet 0.3-2.0MM 0.3-2.0MM 0.3-2.0MM
螺杆尺寸 Screw Size Φ105*33 Φ110*34 Φ120*34
总功率 Total Power 90KW 100KW 120KW
工作功率 Working Power 55KW 60KW 72KW
线速 Speed 15-20M/ 15-30M/分 15-50M/分
产量 Capacity 200KG/小时 250KG/小时 300KG/小时
设备尺寸 Dimension 14*2.5*2.2 15*2.6*2.3 16*2.8*2.4
设备重量 Weight 8.5吨(T) 9.5吨(T) 11.5吨(T)



Hard gear,Strong torque,low noise Waster Rewinding system
螺杆材料:38crMoAL 氮化处理层厚:0.4-0.7mmm 辊筒表面镀处理0.08-0.18MM 表面硬度:HRC58-62 粗糙度:≧Ra
Screw material:38 crMoAL Nitrogen treatment:0.4-0.7mm Roller Hard Chromium plating 0.08-0.18mm Hardness:HRC58-62 Surface roughness:≧Ra
螺杆风冷系统 辅机电动控制移动
Screw with air cooling system Moving with electromotion control system
螺杆五区加热控制 双工位龙门式成品收卷系统
5 Heating zones of the screw Double post gantry traction rewinding system
液压快速换网系统 模头三区加热控制
hydraulic quick speed screen changer system 4 Heating zones of the die head
节能型模头,表面电镀抛光处理 自动进料系统
Energy-saving Die head with plating&polishing Auto Material Feeding system
同步45度 三辊压光机控制系统 PID调节有记忆干扰数字型温控仪
Synchronous 45 degree Three roller control system PID controller adjusting memory
整机全变频调速控制 其它电器部分(日本)
Full frequency conversion control Other electric part(Japan)

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